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Teeth can grow darker or discolored over time from exposure to certain foods or beverages. The good news is teeth discoloration doesn’t have to be permanent. Aimee Kraft, DDS in Brooklyn Heights, New York offers GLO Teeth Whitening. This whitening system includes three effective options that allow for in-office, at home, or on-the-go teeth whitening. The professional strength whitening gel produces multiple shades of whitening in a matter of days. Unhappy with yellow or discolored teeth? Professional GLO Teeth Whitening with Dr. Kraft can help.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

Why do your teeth become yellor, dark, or discolored?
What is GLO professional whitening?
How long does teeth whitening last?
How white can your teeth get?

Why do your teeth become yellor, dark, or discolored?

Teeth darkening and discoloration can happen for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for teeth discoloration are:

  • Natural darkening that can come with age
  • Yellowing due to cigarette smoking
  • Darkening due to coffee, tea, or soda consumption
  • Certain medications
  • Red wine

What is GLO professional whitening?

GLO professional whitening is a teeth whitening system that has several different whitening options. Dr. Aimee Kraft, DDS in Brooklyn Heights, New York will help you determine which option is best for you.

GLO Dual Whitening: The GLO professional dual whitening system takes approximately one hour, with little to no sensitivity. The GLO professional whitening mouthpiece fits directly over your teeth, where the system delivers warming heat from an LED light to amplify the whitening gel on the teeth. After the in-office appointment, you’ll return home with your own whitening gel. You’ll continue teeth whitening at home each day to get the maximum results.

GLO Vials: The GLO Vials system is an easy way to whiten teeth while you’re on the go. Simply brush the GLO gel on and go. There’s no need for messy or inconvenient strips or trays, and there’s no sensitivity.

GLO Professional Take Home Whitening: The GLO Professional Take Home Whitening system is the second component of GLO dual whitening, but you can use it on its own for great whitening results. Patients can use this professional strength whitening gel every day to gradually, but dramatically, lighten and whiten teeth.

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How long does teeth whitening last?

Teeth whitening can last up to one year for many patients, but results can vary. An effective way to maintain your teeth whitening results is to schedule regular annual or bi-annual follow-ups with Dr. Kraft. Schedule an appointment today using the online booking tool.

How white can your teeth get?

The GLO professional whitening system can produce an impressive change. It all depends on how white you want to go! The average change with the dual whitening system is five shades within five days. Patients can continue to use the at-home GLO system each day for up to 7-10 more days to achieve maximum whitening at home as well.

Want to achieve a healthy, whiter smile safely and quickly? Dr. Kraft can help with your teeth whitening needs. Book an appointment using the convenient online scheduling tool today!

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