Pediatric Dentistry

Aimee Kraft, DDS

Dentist located in Brooklyn Heights, NY

Pediatric dentistry is a field of dentistry focusing on preventive dental care and treatment for children. Dr. Aimee Kraft and Dr. Eric Last are experienced dentists, and they are happy to provide their services for young patients. Some of the services they offer include sealants, dental mouthguards for sports, and family dentistry. To make an appointment for pediatric dentistry or family dentistry services, please call Aimee Kraft DDS and Eric Last DDS in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of New York City, or schedule your appointment online.

Pediatric Dentistry Q & A

What pediatric dentistry services are available?

As a family and pediatric dentist, Dr. Aimee Kraft and Dr. Eric Last care for patients of all ages. They are proud to provide preventive care for children, including:

  • Cleanings
  • Exams
  • X-rays

They can also:

  • Diagnose and fill cavities in baby and permanent teeth
  • Administer sealants to reduce the risk of cavities
  • Extract teeth when necessary

For children involved in sports, she can create customized mouth guards to protect their teeth.

When should children start seeing a dentist?

Even baby teeth can develop painful cavities. In fact, problems with the baby teeth may even have an effect on the child’s adult teeth developing below the gum’s surface. For this reason, children should start seeing the dentist as soon as they have some baby teeth and are able to sit still for an appointment.

If you aren’t sure whether your child is ready to begin regular dental visits, please call the office for guidance.

What happens during pediatric checkups?

During a pediatric checkup, Dr. Kraft or Dr. Eric Last will begin the appointment by putting your child at ease.

Next, she’ll examine the child’s teeth to look for any decay or other problems that may need treatment.

Depending on your child’s age, Dr. Kraft or Dr. Eric Last may also recommend X-rays to look at their teeth and bones.

If Dr. Kraft or Dr. Last finds any problems during the exam, they'll recommend treatment options at this time. They’ll discuss these options with you in detail so you can make the best choice for your child.

How often should children see a dentist?

Children should see Dr. Kraft and Dr. Eric Last for cleanings and routine dental checkups once every six months. Children should also see Dr. Kraft and Dr. Last when they experience pain or any other problems with their teeth that may require treatment.

What can be done if your child is afraid of dental visits?

Some children may be frightened at their first dental visit, but Dr. Kraft and Dr. Last have experience putting children at ease in this in their care. If the child is frightened about a procedure, Dr. Kraft and Dr. Last may recommend sedation and/or anesthesia to keep them child calm and comfortable.